CAS Exam 8


We are excited to announce that we are looking for actuarial candidates taking the Fall 2020 CAS 8 exam to be beta testers in advance of our future commercial launch.

And the best news is that the beta version is FREE!

We are looking forward to getting feedback from people like yourself to ensure our final product meets the exact needs of future test takers.


Just email us at with Exam 8 Beta

Test in the subject line.

Here's more about BattleActs.

Save Time

  • We created a custom CAS Exam 8 article ranking table by analyzing how frequently material is tested. Use this table to know how much time to spend on each article
  • Our comprehensive articles teach the material and highlight what needs to be mastered and what requires less focus

Help Memorize

  • Our on-line gamified quizzes and flashcards will keep you engaged and test your knowledge
  • Practice with our web-based calculation problems providing an infinite number of new problems

Build confidence for exam day

  • We are the only CAS Exam 8 study guide that provides an objective measure of your progress. Approach exam day with the confidence that you are fully prepared
  • BattleActs articles are not just summaries of the CAS Exam 8 articles. We analyze each article and teach in what we believe is the best way for learning the material

BattleActs has so much more to help you