CAS Exam 8

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Our CAS Exam 8 study guide is designed for the unique challenges of this actuarial exam.

Slay the beast!

BattleActs CAS Exam 8 Features:

  • CAS Exam 8 PowerPack – Use our web-based platform to generate an infinite number of randomized practice problems. You will never run out of problems for practice. More info
  • Create an efficient study schedule using our tips on how much time to spend on each chapter,
  • Stay engaged and test your knowledge with our on-line gamified quizzes and flashcards.
  • We teach the material to help you fully comprehend and retain the underlying concepts.
  • See an objective on-line measure of your progress and retention of material. Approach exam day with the confidence that you are fully prepared.

Our Study CAS Exam 8 Platform Also Includes:

  • Comprehensive study manual, in-depth examples, practice problems, quizzes, and flashcards covering the entire syllabus
  • A handy cheat sheet listing all the standard problem types along with excel examples
  • Previous exam problems and original practice problems in Excel/CBT format
  • Past exam questions available on-line at your fingertips organized by each chapter
  • We update our material after each exam - you won’t be studying irrelevant or outdated exam questions or material
  • Dedicated full-time instructor support in a course forum
  • On-line features to manage quizzes and flashcards and identify knowledge gaps
  • 4 past CAS exams in Excel
  • Original practice exam in Excel
  • Custom tips for CAS Exam 8 covering study tactics and time management on exam day
  • 7-month’s access with one free 6-month extension
  • All updates for syllabus changes are available in real time and on-line. No need to download anything. Print our articles if you wish

CAS Exam 8 PowerPack

The PowerPack - the most effective way to learn and practice calculation problems. Build the solid foundation you need to get maximum points on exam day.

Our PowerPack includes:

  • A handy cheat sheet listing all the standard problem types along with excel versions. We've done the organizing for you.
  • UNIQUE TO BA: Practice, practice, practice. Use our web-based platform to generate an infinite number of randomized practice problems.
  • Step-by-step solutions with all sub-steps clearly shown in both excel and pdf format.
  • Excel versions of each problem to mimic the CBT environment.
  • Infinite practice, detailed solutions, CBT-like practice…..Everything you need to crush calculation problems on exam day.

More About BattleActs

How long will the BattleActs platform be available to me?

Your membership is available for a period of 7 months. If you do not sit for or pass your exam, we will give you one free 6-month extension for any future sitting. Please email us at in order to request this extension.

Do you offer a discount if I have used my free extension?

Yes. Subscribers who have already used their free extension are eligible for a 50% discount off our usual price for a special 6-month access. This subscription is not eligible for free extensions. Email us at for a discount code.

Not sure if you passed your last exam and want to start studying now?

If you find out that you didn't pass your last exam, just email us at and we will pause your subscription. When you are ready to start studying again, email us and we will be happy to reactivate it.

CAS Exam 8 is different than other actuarial exams.

Exam 8 requires developing a deep understanding of the concepts, as it is one of three exams that incorporate Integrative Questions (IQs). These types of questions require candidates to draw from multiple syllabus learning objectives and generally test at a more advanced Bloom’s Taxonomy level than a standard exam question. BattleActs will guide you to gain mastery of the concepts and help you connect these ideas to tackle the IQ problems.

Will your study platform help me create a study schedule?

BattleActs shows you where to start and how much time to spend on each topic. Feel in control from day one because we've done all the preliminary organizing for you. Use our tips to easily create a study plan that works with your schedule.

How to approach studying for this actuarial exam.

Unlike some of the other exams, the CAS Exam 8 syllabus has regularly evolved and therefore exam takers don’t have a large historical bank of consistent prior exam questions to practice from. BattleActs has you covered. We re-evaluate the readings with each sitting and incorporate new approaches to the material.