CAS Exam 5

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BattleActs will:

  • Save valuable study time
  • Build your intuitive knowledge of the concepts
  • Help memorize
  • Build your confidence writing an upper level exam

Our CAS Exam 5 study guide is custom designed for the unique challenges of this actuarial exam. Slay the beast!

Saves You Time

  • We created a custom CAS Exam 5 article ranking table by analyzing how frequently material is tested. Use this table to know how much time to spend on each article
  • Our comprehensive articles teach the material and highlight what needs to be mastered and what requires less focus

Helps You Memorize

  • Our on-line gamified quizzes and flashcards will keep you engaged and test your knowledge
  • Practice with our web-based calculation problems providing an infinite number of new problems

Build confidence for exam day

  • We are the only CAS Exam 5 study guide that provides an objective measure of your progress. Approach exam day with the confidence that you are fully prepared
  • BattleActs articles are not just summaries of the CAS Exam 5 articles. We analyze each article and teach in what we believe is the best way for learning the material


For Exam 5

The PowerPack - the most effective way to learn and practice calculation problems. Build the solid foundation you need to get maximum points on exam day.

Our PowerPack includes:

Infinite practice, detailed solutions, CBT-like practice…..Everything you need to crush calculation problems on exam day.

BattleActs has so much more to help you

Exam 5 is different than other actuarial exams.

Exam 5 requires a deep understanding of the concepts and to be able to apply these concepts quickly on exam day. The way to reach this mastery is to thoroughly learn the material and to practice, practice, practice. We are the only study guide that provides an infinite number of calculational problems as our web-based platform randomly generates numbers for optimal learning. We also teach the material for each article in what we believe is the optimal methodology for learning the material.

How to approach studying for this actuarial exam.

Learning how to take the exam is as important as knowing the material. We customize our guides for each exam and will prepare you for the unique challenges and skills required for Exam 5.

Do I need to purchase a study guide or will reading the source material and doing past exams be adequate?

A study guide will help you learn the content efficiently and effectively. Most of the source material is not difficult but there is often more detail than is necessary for the exam. BattleActs streamlines the material into a series of wiki articles that emphasize the types of questions that have historically appeared on exams. Also, the original source texts do not have practice problems like the ones that appear on the exam. BattleActs addresses this need with quizzes, flashcards, Excel-based practice problems, and an infinite supply of randomly generated, computer-scored web-based problems.

Is this your first upper level exam?

Writing your first upper level exam can be daunting. Unlike lower level exams, Exam 5 is an essay style exam where the emphasis is on understanding and recall of information. Questions are broader in scope and often require interpretation in addition to the basic numerical answer. Our articles are written to teach concepts and help achieve in-depth knowledge. You will also build retention and recall of the material with our on-line quizzes.

Ranking Table

Our Ranking Table ranks all topics according to points-per-exam on recent exams. Certain topics appear on every exam while other topics appear only rarely. The Ranking Table shows you at a glance where to start and how much time to spend on each topic. You will feel in control from day one because we've done all the preliminary organizing for you.

Not sure if you passed your last exam and want to start studying now?

If you find out that you didn't pass your last exam, just email us at and we will pause your subscription. When you are ready to start studying again, email us and we will be happy to reactivate it.