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"This is an incredible product and you have my 100% support. I have been advocating for this at every chance I get. Would love to see it expand to other exams. Great stuff."

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"The overwhelming volume of material. The BattleActs system has brought structure to help me reduce this frustration."

Graham Gersdorff

PhD (Mathematics), ACAS, President & Co-founder of BattleActs

Roles in BattleActs

  • Creator of the BattleActs Study System
  • Web Design & Coding for the BattleActs site
  • Content creator for Exam 5, Exam 6U and 6C.


  • I did my undergrad in math at the University of Toronto and my PhD at Emory University in Atlanta. Subsequently, I spent a couple of years on the math faculty at Wake Forest University then 4 more years at Elon University before switching to an actuarial career. I worked for 16 years for what is now National General Insurance Company in North Carolina. My duties centered on reserving, and I coded a lot of the software used in the actuarial department. I also taught internal classes in Visual Basic and SAS to analysts, and basic actuarial techniques to analysts and product managers. I moved back to Toronto in 2011 and spent 2 years at Facility Association before taking semi-retirement in 2013 for personal reasons and started BattleActs in 2017.

Eva Taylor

B.Sc., M.S., R.R.P., C.C.R.C. Vice-President & Co-founder of BattleActs

Eva is one of the co-founders of BattleActs and now is responsible for all aspects of operations and business management.

She also brings an education and training in the psychology of testing and assessment to ensure our products are user friendly and based on sound strategies for synthesizing and mastery of information.