Statement of Confidence

We’re confident that BattleActs will provide you with a high quality study experience, and will significantly reduce your study time. Upon registration, you get 7 months of access. If you don’t pass the first time using BattleActs, we'll offer you free log-in privileges for a further 6 months for the consecutive next sitting. This is a one-time extension only. You can also receive this free extension for the consecutive next sitting if you did not sit for the present exam. This 6-month extension begins on the date when your initial 7-month subscription period ends.

In order to access this extension, please email us at


The BattleActs study system is designed to help you focus on what we believe to be the most important and most frequently tested topics on the exam. Questions may come up from material not covered in our study system. We suggest that you use your own judgement where to use your time when reading the source material.