Basic Information

BattleActs is a new and innovative actuarial study guide company. We started with Exam 6-Canada and we’re now expanding to Exam 6-US. Our product is totally different from the other study guides available for Exam 6. It’s a fully interactive web application (not just a bunch of PDFs for download.) It’s impossible to describe - you just have to see it for yourself. Here’s your chance! We are currently looking for actuarial candidates taking the Spring 2019 exam to be beta testers. That’s where you come in. For a limited time, we are offering the beta test version of the online course for FREE. Feedback from people like yourself will ensure we offer an optimal final product to future test takers.

Check out our reviews for BattleActs Exam 6-Canada on actuarial outpost. We captured 95% of the Canadian market within 7 months of the commercial launch on Jan 1, 2018. Also, check out the short Canadian video (4 minutes). We'll do a U.S. video soon but the site looks pretty much the same, just the specific syllabus readings are different.

Click the play button above to start the video!

Some features of the BattleActs system

  • The BattleRank:
    • Readings are ranked by points-per-exam over past exams. (Study the important readings first.)
  • The BattleWiki:
    • We explain the material in plain English. (We don’t just summarize the source material.)
  • The BattleQuizzes:
    • Interactive quizzes. (We have all previoius exam questions, other fact-based questions, and an infinite number of randomly generated numerical practice problems.)
  • The BattleBoard:
    • Track your BRQ (Battle-Readiness Quotient) against everyone else. (BRQ is a score from 0-100% that tracks your progress.)

What do we ask in return?

  • You will use all features of the system while studying.
  • You are good editors and detailed-oriented as we will ask you to highlight any errors/typos.
  • You are willing to give feedback of your experience while you are working your way through the system (we know you are busy studying so we’ll keep it short) as well as an exit interview after the exam.

Some boring tech stuff...

You will need a relatively recent version of Chrome. Note: The current beta BattleActs site will not work properly in Safari. It does work on MacBooks if you use Chrome

So what are you waiting for???!!!

This offer is only available to a limited number of people so act now before you miss out on this opportunity. All you need to do is Email us! using the address below! (Put 'beta-test' in the subject field.)